WELCOME TO THE BOOK OF THOUGHTS (formerly The Book of Tweets: Proverbs for the Modern Age)

Back in January of 2015 i compiled all the Twitter (now called “X”) posts i had posted up to that point into an ebook which i made available on Amazon Kindle Unlimited.

Since that time i have made innumerable posts on various social media platforms). My vision for the Book of Tweets then became more ambicious: i wanted to create a LIVE site on which ALL of my posted thoughts could be published, read, searched and connected to each other.

Having discovered Obsidian.md, i was excited to find a platform on which i could broadcast the wisdom i had collected to the world and immediately commenced to transfer the content of The Book of Tweets to an Obsidian vault created for that purpose…

…there was just one small problem: Obsidian Publish) did not have critical features that the desktop version of Obsidian had inspired so much excitement in me.

Years have come and gone…

…and now I believe that, with the technology provided by the author of Quartz, i now have all the components i need to see my dream come to fruition!

So…here’s how to get started:

The Tables

The best place to start is with the tables. The tables will provide you easy and browsable lists of The Book of Thoughts (formerly The Book of Tweets) content.

Whether or not the sidebars to the left and right are visible is a function of how wide you’ve set the webpage in your browser; so I’m also going to list the Tables here…go ahead and select one!

The Tags

Tags are objects meant to make searching the increasingly vast ocean of The Book of Thoughts easier. Clicking on a tag in either a topic (‘#type/topic/L2’, for instance) or a thought (anything with a hashtag [’#’] in front of it) will take you to a page which will list every thought that tag is found in.

WARNING; The Thoughts Table (“table-Thoughts-md”) has more tags than any other page; since it is listed first in any tag page, you’re going to have to scroll down to see which other thoughts, if any, that tag is found it.

Graph View

The prime feature of this site is the Graph View, seen either at the top right or bottom of each page. What the Graph View displays is a function of each page’s content; that is, when you load the page for a topic or thought, Graph View switches its focus to that topic or thought!

At the upper-right corner of the Graph View window there is a small icon; click on it and the Graph View will expand its size for easier navigation. You can always DRAG the content of the Graph View around to center on the area of your choice.

If your mouse has a Scroll Button, you can use it to ZOOM in and out of the Graph View to better discover the lines that link objects as well as receive a clearer view of the objects themselves. Every topic will (eventually) be preceded by the word “topic;” every tag will be preceded by a hashtag (’#’); and everything else will probably be a Thought, meant to feed your soul and spirit with Wisdom!

Wisdom is PRICELESS. Money will not save you from old age and death, but Wisdom will! If you find VALUE in the Wisdom presented at this site, let me know: my Cash App ID is @Quasaur.


This is what i intend to accomplish in the next few years:

  1. The 85 Thoughts currently posted must have their notes edited…this might take a few weeks.
  2. There are HUNDREDS of more tweets in the original Book of Tweets; all of these must be added as well.
  3. All of my social media posts will be added next.
  4. I may at this point add quotes from my other nine books.
  5. I will then add a new section/folder filled with the Proverbs from the Biblical Texts of Ecclesiastes and Proverbs.

Never Finished

I brought this site to a condition that, i believe, you will benefit from. This site is NOT finished…it will NEVER be finished, even after I’m dead. I promise you, however, that i will NEVER stop adding to it until i am dead.